The Ultimate Guide To Stabilize A Video On Android

Android budget smartphones and Flagship killers were never privileged enough to get the real image stabilization in their cameras that is "OIS - Optical Image Stabilization". However, the manufacturers started implementing "EIS - Electronic Image Stablilization" in their budget series phones to please their consumers. But, the sad truth is older phones will never get this feature inbuilt on their phones.

the ultimate guide to stabilize a video on android

When i started filming, i had a pocket sized Canon camera which could shoot HD 720p. Earlier I didn't knew what stabilization was but after watching videos in my niche, I saw how other videos were so stable and mine was badly shaking. Then i started searching for applications that could stabilize my shaky footage. Till date i've found three android apps to stabilize a video which you can use for your footage. The only Con in stabilizing videos in post is that the video gets very much cropped. So here we go, Listing out apps to stabilize a video on android

1. Google Photos

Google Photos, a gallery app with unlimited* free backup of your images and videos developed by Google. The Photos app was made available for public in May 2015. The recent update changed the app icon and simplified the gallery interface

Features :
• Gallery
• Unlimited Free Cloud Backup
• Simple Photo Colour Correction Tool
• Simple Video Editing Tool

google photos

How to stabilize a video using Google Photos?

· Open Google Photos
· Open the video you want to stabilize
· Tap the Settings icon in the bottom, The Video now opens in the video editing tool
· There are now two icons in the bottom, Tap Left-Bottom icon to stabilize a video. The Right-Bottom icon is to rotate a video
· The video will now start to stabilize, make sure to tap "Save Copy" to export video to your phone
· To save a frame of your video by tapping "Export Frame"
· You can also trim your clips using the sliders in the bottom

Google Photos app is more of Pros but one Con is when you stabilize a video, the bitrates of your video goes very high which results in doubling the size of your video

2. Microsoft Hyperlapse

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, developed by Microsoft Corporation is simple mobile app to make hyperlapse videos. The app's User Interface is very basic, There are only two buttons in the start screen and very basic settings in three dots. The app acts as Hyperlapse feature of GoPro Action Camera in which the video gets recorded in smooth timelapse mode, not that smooth but gets the job done

Features :
• Stabilize Videos
• Smooth Hyperlapse Mode
• Basic User Interface
• Basic Settings

microsoft hyperlapse

How to stabilize a video using Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile?

· Open Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile app
· There are two options,
Import : Stabilize Video From Your Gallery
Record : Stabilize Video While Recording

· The stabilization process takes some time. After this, the video is stabilized
There is a speed slider upto 32x. If you don't want to make it hyperlapse then move it to 1x (This will retain the audio intact)

· Tap the check mark on the right to save your video

Make sure to turn on 1080p Export Option through app settings to sustain original video quality. Also if you want to save your video to SD card then turn on the "Save to SD Card" option

The app works very well but some of the cons are,
· No 4K Support
· Lowers Bitrate which result in loss of quality
· Outdated User Interface

3.  Power Director

Power Director is a pro level video editing software for smartphones, After achieving great success in WindowsOS market, the app was launched on smartphones. Having great features but in recent update it gave the ability to stabilize a video on android which any other video editor software doesn't offer 

Features :
• Layer Support
• Video Effects
• Colour Correction
• Stabilize Video

power director

How to stabilize a video using Power Director?

· Open Power Director
· Create a project
· Import your video
· Tap pencil icon on the top-left corner
· Tap Stabilize
You can adjust the stabilize crop ratio after processing then export to the gallery. Has options to even save in 4K resolution

Power Director, a great video editing app but puts watermark on it and displays ads, forcing you to purchase the Power Director Premium Version.

To sum it up, I'll say the best one is to use Google Photos to stabilize a video on android. I Personally use it for all my footage and works pretty well. Just make sure you lower down the bitrates while editing the videos so that you can save some storage and mobile data if you edit on your phone.

Thanks for reading, Do share this with your friends to help them easily stabilize a video in their phones.